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Angela Gibson is the Owner and CEO of Becoming New Financial Services. As a young girl, Angela watched her father handle finances in their household. He used to balance checkbooks to place coins

in wrappers.

Angela never knew that she would take up after her father and pick up his characteristics. Angela has been known for setting goals and achieving them.


Being a single mother, sometimes finances would be very hard. Angela was getting tired of always living from paycheck to paycheck. She truly started to take finances very seriously. Once she began budgeting her finances, her passion grew for it. 

Angela started helping other people accomplish their financial goals and even helped people with credit. Once the pandemic began, she saw how the economy was getting worst regarding finances. She prayed and asked God for direction. He gave her this vision to start her own finance business to help others complete their financial goals and maintain credit.

Angela received her Board-Certified Credit Consultant Certificate and started helping people immediately. She has helped people save money, buy vehicles and increase their credit scores. Angela’s main passion is to make sure people receive the education needed to meet their financial goals. 

Angela was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She has two children, De’Asia and Daniel III. Angela loves to listen to music, traveling and making people happy.

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